Blue carbon ecosystem monitoring using remote sensing reveals wetland restoration pathways

This study presents an open-source, user-friendly workflow, using object-based image classification and a random forest classifier in Google Earth Engine, to accurately classify 4 years of multispectral and photogrammetrically derived digital elevation model drone data at a saltmarsh rehabilitation site on the east coast of Australia (Hunter River estuary, NSW). High classification accuracies were achieved, with >90% accuracy at 0.1 m resolution.

170 Carbon Credits?

Not all carbon credits are created equal.

"It is important to note that currently the global price of carbon varies significantly from less than $1 to a maximum of $127 per tCO₂e"

Even though the financial returns of carbon sequestration might not make sense currently, investments in climate change will yield long-term returns. Given the forecast increases in the carbon price, sequestration requires a long-term investment horizon and action should be taken now."


Blue Bonds

Clean Energy Regulator: ACCU & Blue Carbon